The Simplified Receiver is strictly an audio output device. It is just as sensitive as the Complete Receiver but has no provision for measuring signal strength.  The unit shown has jacks wired to activate both elements of stereo headphones in parallel.  It is better to use old "Lo-Fi" sensitive high impedance mono headphones if you can find them. The Audio Null pot shown is 1-turn, shunted with 2k Ohms to make tuning less critical. With a steady Beacon signal, the audio output varies about 1.3dB in amplitude (inaudible) as the signal drifts between receiver channels. The Complete Receiver Phase-Locks the signal into one channel to eliminate this problem and to provide a steady DC signal strength output. 

The complete Simplified Receiver and Loop.  The18" loop (20" overall diameter) is wound with 1 Lb of #28 wire (350 turns) and tuned to 3496 Hz with ~13500 pF as described in the Notes.  The Body is 2" building foam with a groove in rim, covered with a layer Epoxy and fiberglass cloth. Cylindrical bubble level is on top (end-on).  Feedline is RG-178. The headphones are $9.95 ATN Technology "home Hi-Fi" units from Walmart. The receiver neck strap is very handy while bushwacking.